Some of the Snake Oil Cocktail custom mixology produced  — The magic is in the bottle. It’s an ode to the days of the traveling medicine shows, when Snake Oil salesman would ply their trade from a wagon stage and boast of the mysterious powers of their bottles of snake oil elixirs. We promote our mixes as a healthy tonic to vitalize and nourish while consuming alcohol. Feel good about feeling good.

Our Cocktails

Snake Oil 10.31.10 © Jessica Lee-2

Peter Rabbit

Pimm's liqueur, basil lemon juice, simple syrup. and pickled carrot

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Strawberry Blonde

Pale ale, premium rum, agave nectar, fresh strawberry, and pressed mint.


Skipped Beets

Ballast Point gin, beet water, torn mint, black pepper reduction, pressed lemon

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Al Fresco

Pisco Portón, smashed pineapple, pressed lemon, allspice-clove reduction, egg white

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Mai Pitaya

Flor De Caña 7 year rum, Myers's rum, dragon fruit, pressed lime, almond orgeat, allspice, kiwi slice

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Night Light

Tito's Handmade vodka, cinnamon-vanilla reduction, fresh drawn espresso, Fernet Branca amaro.

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Pom Brittle Punch

Fresh pomegranate juice, white rum, pressed lemon, and homemade pomegranate brittle.

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Tokyo 75

Sparkling riesling, Damrak gin, yuzu, ginger reduction, shiso leaf, orange zest

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Seville Sangria

Red wine, Licor 43, vanilla thyme reduction, citrus wheels, strawberry garnish.

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Fig & Froth

Rye whiskey, rosemary infusion, fig jam, pressed lemon, honey, and organic egg whites.


La Almendra

Tequila, green chartreuse, pressed lime, and almond orgeat.


Cobra Venom

Ron Zacapa rum, muddled pomegranate, pressed Moro blood orange, Chinese 5-spice reduction


Orchard Mule

Old Scout Bourbon, house made apple falernum, ginger beer, and orange cream citrate.

Thee Barnacle-Snake-Oil-Cocktail-Company-1-L

Three Barnacle

Tequila, cayenne infusion, pressed grapefruit&lemon, agave nectar, smoked sea salt

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Vodka, Aperol, smashed strawberry, fresh pressed lemon, and egg whites.


Midnight At The Oasis

Fortaleza blanco tequila, pulverized cactus paddle, pressed lime, agave nectar, sea salt blend