We provide a clear picture of the final product.

Unlike traditional mixologists who focus on liquor, our beverage roots can be found in the kitchen and out-on-the-farm. We work in close collaboration with the Nation’s most respected celebrity chefs and culinary talent. All of our craft cocktails are designed with the deepest sense of commitment to the five fundamentals of culinary mixology:

Simplicity |  Seasonality |  Quality |  Creativity |  Taste

Strong beverage programs are built on a foundation of great care. Our team will work with your bar or restaurant to comprise a beverage program and cocktail lists that can be easily facilitated by any employee. We demonstrate how quality cocktails with fresh ingredients will actually cut costs and we understand how to make great cocktails without sacrificing efficiency. Snake Oil cocktails are designed to stick!

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Our team will train your staff to prepare and mix hand-crafted drinks in the way intended to ensure consistent quality. Snake Oil beverage programs produce extraordinary results because we are consistent with our staff trainings and we inspire your staff to Elevate The Craft Of Cocktails.

    • Beverage Program Consulting
    • Beverage Menu Creation
    • Specialty Cocktail Design
    • Fresh Twist on Classics
    • Bar & Under-bar Design, Review, and Optimization
    • On-site Staff Training
    • Training Materials
    • Liquor Assessment & Selection
    • Spirits Curation
    • Vendor Negotiation
    • Professional Cocktail Photography & Styling
    • Press, Promotion & Buzz Generation
    • Media Appearances
    • Par System Development
    • Beverage Costing and Tracking
    • Glassware Procurement