Michael Esposito

Co-Founder / Director of Business Development

In 2010, unenthused by the all-pervasive bland bar catering service at special events, Michael Esposito joined forces with two mixologist partners to form Snake Oil Cocktail Company. The three had a passion for developing “unique event experiences” and a deep appreciation for culinary and craft cocktails.  Prior to entering the beverage services and hospitality industry, Esposito worked as an Event Producer with a focus on event promotions, marketing, sponsor acquisition, and technical AV production.

Through his career Michael has helped grow and develop distinctive culinary events, conferences and non-profit fundraisers. He has had the privilege of working on the production of large-scale global finance and thought leader summits including: TEDx San Diego; The Milken Institute’s Global Conference; The Faster Cures Foundation Summit for Medical Innovation; To Catch A Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks on America; The Skybridge Alternatives (SALT) Conference; and “Dinner with Jane” to benefit The Jane Goodall Institute.

Michael has also worked in the natural foods market, managed large-scale endurance sports festivals, and has served as an Account Executive for the New York-based advertising firm, Saatchi & Saatchi. He received his M.A. in Communication from The University of California, San Diego and a B.A. in Communication, summa cum laude, from The University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

 Michael currently serves on the Steering Committee for TEDx San Diego, on the board for the UCSD Communication Professionals Alliance and is a member of the Program Advisory Committee for the San Diego Art Institute’s Culinary Arts Program. He is actively engaged in the Southern California fundraising and philanthropic community and believes strongly in the social power of technology and the open sharing of ideas, opportunity and creativity. Michael is a passionate participant in the emerging interconnected society of TEDx global organizers where he is a member of the Southern California TEDx Organizer’s Association. In 2012, he was honored by being asked to participate in the TEDx Global Summit in Doha, Qatar and is an annual participated in the TED Active Conference.