Spring Beverage Trends

Spring is officially here and so are the vibrant colors and flavors that come with it.  Our mixologists are constantly working on creating exciting new combinations for clients. For us, cocktails are a complete sensory experience which is why we are committed to creating a truly exceptional beverage experience.  Here are some of the latest trends you can find Snake Oil serving up!

Fruit Infusions.  With spring comes an abundance of fresh fruits that are the perfect addition to our cocktails.  Snake Oil uses nothing but the freshest ingredients to ensure that our cocktails are the perfectly balanced and not too sweet.  Rather than rely on processed syrups to achieve fruity beverages like other caterers, our mixologists want to honor Mother Nature and reflect the true flavors.

Vibrant color. When using fresh vegetables and fruits, Snake Oil guarantees that our cocktails will not only taste amazing but be visually pleasing as well.  Our use of striking color will be sure to impress any clients or guests.  They will surely stand out at spring weddings and corporate events.

Salty Sips.  Utilizing unique artisan salt blends both around the rim and as a savory addition to drinks is a popular trend that will continue to bloom into Spring.  Research suggests that salt has the ability to optimize certain notes in a drink by subduing bitterness and heightening sweet and sour flavors.  It is for this reason Snake Oil mixologists have loved adding it to give our signature cocktails an added touch.



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