Beth PearsonSales Coordinator

    Upon receiving Bachelors in both Marketing and Public Relations in 2012, Beth began her pursuit of the culinary arts. She moved to Los Angeles and began studying at the New School of Cooking, located in Culver City, CA. She was welcomed aboard the Sunny Spot in Venice assisting Pastry Chef Beth Kendralls. This is where she first  learned flavor profiling and the shared commitment by the kitchen family to create experiences rather than meals for their guests.

    Fast Forward to 2014, Beth began her adventure to San Diego. She joined the pastry team at Con Pane Rustic Breads and Cafe. By the Spring of 2015 she saw a change in herself and realized her true passion for creating experiences. She took the apron off and joined the wedding and events coordination team at Bekker’s Catering. Providing catering coordination to events ranging in sizes of 40 guests to 8,000 guests, Beth became a comparable, capable and most of all, calm catering  coordinator.

    Still enamored by the culture behind the culinary arts, Beth is committed to growing her knowledge. In 2017 she set off to the South of France to learn the Art of French Pastry at Le Gargantua.  Where she learned that truly delicious treats are created with passion and marked by character.

    Beth joins the Snake Oil Cocktail Team with a love for craft and seasonal creations. She is methodical and detailed oriented and looks forwards to coordinating seamless celebrations fueled by passion and marked by character.

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