John P. WorkingsBeverage Sous Chef

John joined our Snake Oil Family back in 2016 after a well seasoned 26 years in the the culinary world. John got his first break at George’s on the Cove where he took a job as a line cook for a summer. As his experience grew, so did his resume. He’s held two Sous Chef positions, first at Mille Fleur in Rancho Santa Fe and then at Azul in La Jolla, as well as a time spent at the London Oak Room, a Michelin Starred restaurant at the Meridian Hotel in Coronado. It wasn’t long before John’s adventurous spirit led him into the world of plug and play fine dining when he decided to take the plunge at Water’s Catering here in San Diego. John’s approach to flavor sourcing has been inspired by his Southern California upbringing and his family heritage, who came from a long line of hunters, gatherers and farmers. John himself has found his way back to the land, where he’s studied organic and biodynamic farming methods. Nowadays, John dedicates most of his spare time to researching the full potential of our natural world and regularly experiments different herbal remedies and medical tinctures. The culmination of John’s passion, experience, and connection to the land is embodied in every new cocktail recipe he helps create. When asked about his process for helping to create the perfect cocktail, he’ll coolly tell you “I try to find balance in what  I’m given, and go from there.”

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