Saul PaniaguaDirector of Sales & Beverage

A 20 year veteran of the San Diego catering and event beverage industry, Saul is a consummate event professional and key member of the Snake Oil Cocktail Team.

Serving a five-course dinner with wine pairings at the age of sixteen changed everything for Saul Paniagua. In school and entertaining small private dinner events, Paniagua became very passionate about the idiosyncrasies of food and beverage at a young age.  After completing studies at UCSD and spending six years in finance, Paniagua honed his desire to return to hospitality – an industry he felt avid about.  Since 1997, Paniagua has amassed the management of thousands of events for some of Southern California top catering firms.  Combining his skill and creative style, Paniagua brings a unique approach to the whole beverage experience at Snake Oil Cocktail Company, designing concept bars, branded drinks and one of a kind products and pairings; still making time to be at the helm for many of the special events. As a native San Diegan, Saul has built his career around the region, continuing to educate and build a stronger foundation for Snake Oil Cocktail Company and the clients it serves.



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