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As experts in the beverage and cocktail industry, Snake Oil Cocktail Company’s team of mixologists and skilled bartenders have a diverse array of knowledge they are just waiting to share with your group!

Perfect for team-building and private events, we can structure our classes or workshops to educate your guests about the history and origins of various spirits and liqueurs and include a spirit tasting and hands-on involvement for the whole crowd.


Get Inspired

Create Your Own Cocktail

In this Mixology Experience, we first welcome your guests with a Snake Oil signature cocktail. Our mixologist will educate the group about the history and origins of various spirits and liqueurs, allowing them to taste, smell and sample the spirits. We cover the basics of bartending, giving an overview of the tools used, cocktail building techniques and how to balance the perfect cocktail. From there, we like to break up the group into pairs or small groups and invite them to test their skills at creating a cocktail on their own given a number of ingredients and a recipe.

(1) Welcome Signature Snake Oil Cocktail

Tasting of Spirits

(1) Delicious Unique Cocktail

Snake Oil Cocktail Recipe to Take Home

Approximately 90 Minutes

Cutthroat Cocktail Mixology Competition

A Mixologist understands how to construct a library of classic cocktails and has the ability to create new cocktails from scratch ingredients with a qualified understanding of the balance in flavors, sugars and acidities. In this Mixology Experience, guests will be encouraged to test their inner bartender as they compete for the best cocktail.

After a brief bartending crash course, the group is broken up into teams and each team will work together to create three exceptional cocktail designs in specific categories (example: tiki, classic, culinary). Each team is given an array of ingredients, infusions, fresh produce and spirits and challenged to create three cocktails within a certain amount of time. Groups will be judged on taste and presentation. The team with the most awards will win a certificate naming them champions of “Cutthroat Cocktail.”

(1) Welcome Signature Snake Oil Cocktail

Sampling of Delicious Unique Cocktails

(1) Celebratory Cocktail

Approximately 120 Minutes

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