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Founded in 2010, Snake Oil Cocktail Company is Southern California’s preeminent beverage catering and consulting firm. We specialize in creating immersive full-service beverage experiences for select bars, special events and award-winning restaurants nationwide. Underlying our work is passion, and a deep-seated respect for the five fundamentals of culinary mixology: simplicity, seasonality, quality, creativity, and taste.

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Snake Oil event mixologists understand how the right beverage experience can transform even the most mundane event into something magical and unforgettable. Each event is special whether it be a wedding, a corporate event, a product launch or a gala, and our signature cocktails can help tell your story.

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Strong beverage programs are built on a foundation of great care. Our team will work with your bar or restaurant to comprise a beverage program and cocktail lists that can be easily facilitated by any employee. We demonstrate how quality cocktails with fresh ingredients will actually cut costs and we understand how to make great cocktails without sacrificing efficiency. Snake Oil cocktails are designed to stick!

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Explore our exclusive Cocktail Graffiti to amplify engagement with every beverage. Your logo, imagery, or photo can be presented on top of unforgettable cocktails to cause a social media stir thanks to every guest. Talk to our graffiti specialist to design an image that will cause the beverages you serve to add edible art and up-level interaction.

  • "Snake Oil Cocktails was nothing short of perfection. From their staff and mixologist to their beverage recipes & presentation, everything went exactly as planned and was beautiful."

    Laura Harap Director of Engagement and Events for the San Diego International Film Festival
  • "Your beautiful drinks were the highlight on the page! I’m excited to continue working with you and to see you at the launch party"

    Analia Pribyl Art Director from Exquisite Weddings Magazine
  • “Our guests were so impressed and loved the specialty drinks. As always your entire team was a joy to work with”

    Emma Stage Director for the La Jolla Playhouse
  • “With your help we had the most successful gala event ever!”

    Maggie Hannegan Director of Philanthropy for the San Ysidro Health Center
  • “Your cocktails were the hit of the night”

    Healy Vigderson 2016 Sedling Soiree
  • “I've tasted Snake Oil concoctions on a few different occasions and these are the most creative cocktails I've tried while attending social events.”

    Natalya S.
  • “If you are in need of bartending service for an event be it corporate, private, wedding - you name it - they can handle any size! Love their approach as well in both design and presentation.”

    Melissa P.
  • “I've worked with Snake Oil for all my corporate events and they've consistently delivered exceptional service and made a lasting impression to all our guests.”

    Priscilla O.


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Go ahead and take all the credit! You can make craft cocktails in the comfort of your home using fresh-pressed mixers made in small batches by our passionate mixologists. Forget the mess and experimentation and let the vibrant, culinary Snake Oil Mixers be your secret to unforgettable cocktails for you and your guests.

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Join the craze of craft cocktail enthusiasts who’ll be learning the inside secrets of our mixology masters. Our team has been elevating the art of cocktail creation for everyone from our private clients to the poshest events in our nation. Now you can master the art mixology with the finest creators of craft cocktails.

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Seeing is believing. Explore our blog of expert tips, recipes, and event recaps to get a sense of what’s possible, but know that these ideas are just the beginning. When we connect with you, we’ll help your vision come to life.

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