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Orange cocktail for a Halloween shoot on a tray with two glasses filled with blackberries surrounded by smoke


50 Complimentary “Trick or Treat” alcoholic Ghoul Gummies.

Our molecular mixologist will present fun-sized jellied cocktails at your next spooktacular event in October. Complimentary Ghoul Gummies are available by request when you book any beverage package this month.

A woman holding a glass filled with champagne on a yellow couch


Complimentary Bubbly Upon Arrival

In November, when hosting families and friends is most important, let us show our gratitude by offering your guests a glass of of sparkling wine upon arrival. Include bubbly when you choose your next bar package this holiday season!

Snake Oil Cocktail Co holiday cocktails on a black table

December & Holiday Celebrations

Choose One Complimentary Upgrade:

Glassware for Up to 100 Guests
Tray-Passed Service Upon Arrival
Complimentary Sparkling Wine
Additional Signature Craft Cocktail
Custom Monogram, Logo or Image on Top of Craft Cocktail

For more details and to hear more about our services and complimentary upgrades, please call us at (858) 754-9173. 

Complimentary upgrades can only be redeemed with purchase of a SOCC Bar Package with Snake Oil providing alcohol.

We are currently planning our 2018 event promotions. Stay tuned!

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