Powerhouse Park + Community Center

Neighborhood: Del Mar
1658 Coast Blvd
Del Mar, CA 92014

  • Indoor + Outdoor Areas
  • Beach Access
  • Concert-Friendly
  • Kitchen
  • Tables + Chairs Included
  • Good For All Different Types of Events
  • Wedding Friendly
  • Parking Available Around the Area

Perched above the wide, sandy Del Mar Beach, Powerhouse Park ’s rolling lawn offers an unforgettable venue for your wedding, company bar-b-que or summer concert. The Powerhouse Community Center offers a breathtaking oceanside venue with trellis-covered verandas for your reception just steps away from the park. The space is ADA accessible, has beach access, comes with chairs and other furniture that you can use. It also has a kitchen, restrooms and a veranda. There is parking available around the area.

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