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We create immersive beverage experiences for luxury events, couture weddings, select bars & award-winning restaurants worldwide.

Beverage Cater and Event Mixology

Beverage Catering and Event Mixology

Events are our passion, not just our profession. Signature cocktails, mixology, craft cocktails, fancy bartending, specialty drinks, gourmet beverages; call them what you like. Snake Oil Cocktails will make for a most memorable event.

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Bar Program Consulting

Bar Consulting

Strong beverage programs are built on a foundation of great care. Our team will work with your bar or restaurant to comprise a beverage program and cocktail lists that can be easily facilitated by any employee.

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Brand Work and Education

Brand Work and Education

The right cocktails capitalize on word of mouth. Spirit, beer, wine education, mixology classes and staff training. We offer a full range of out-of-the-box services.

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Our Clients

Founded in 2010, Snake Oil has had the privilege of working with incredible brands on extraordinary events. Our celebrity mixologists create immersive beverage experiences that are designed to be memorable and elevate the craft of cocktails

Yankeee Stadium
The Walt Disney Company
Aston Martin
Rolls Royce
Coca Cola
San Diego Symphony

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