Avocado Madness

A couple weekends ago Snake Oil had the honor of serving some of our hand-crafted cocktails at Avocado Madness hosted by Chef’s Roll.  The event was a March Madness style competition leading up to the Final Four.  It started with an all-star line-up of 64 chefs who had to develop an avocado-inspired recipe through a possible 6 rounds of competition.  Each week, half of the chefs were eliminated until there was four left.  From those finalists, two finalist – Chef Dorian Southall and Chef Ricardo Heredia – were selected.

The final face-off took place in San Diego California.  Culinary mastermind Andrew Spargin hosted the event with the assistance of Kitchen 4140 and Chef Kurt Metzger.  It was the ultimate challenge as each finalist had to create an entire avocado-inspired menu with the chance to win $10,000 in cash and prizes.  Hungry connoisseurs from all over Southern California came to test the immaculate creations.

What pairs better with an avocado-inspired menu than avocado cocktails?  Snake Oil served up a delicious concoction of Han Soju Vodka, pressed lemon, and pink peppercorn infused honey, sorrel, and – of course – smashed avocado for guests to enjoy as they awaited their food.

While guests enjoyed our cocktails the chefs relentlessly worked in the kitchen to deliver innovate dishes utilizing fresh Avocados from Mexico.  The judge’s panel included Katherine Humphus of Kats Kitchen Collective, Tommy Gomes Of Catalina Offshore Products, Troy Johnson(Food Critic) & Javier Plascencia of the much-anticipated Bracero Cocina.  They ultimately selected Chef Ricardo Heredia as the champion.  However with such amazing food, spectacular cocktails, and good company it is safe to say that everyone was a winner that day.



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