The Tasting Panel: Cocktail Competition – The Gilded Witch

The Gilded Witch – Originally seen in Tasting Panel Magazine, October 2013

Our Mixologist Frankie Thaheld was featured with The Gilded Witch cocktail.

From its 24-karat gold flaked label to its fine-grained and spiced liquid, Imperial Collection Gold Russian Vodka ($35) came from a receipt created especially for Peter the Great’s coronation in 1721. A special filtration process through copper plates and Russian winter wheat combine for a complex, earthy and distinguished vodka profile.


The Gilded Witch

1 3/4 oz. Imperial Collection Gold Vodka
3/4 oz. Strega Italian Liqueur
1/2 oz. Club Soda
Smoked Paprika & Sugar Mix for the rim


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