Supplements and Cocktails

“Feel good about feelin’ good”

Recently, we catered an event for Applied Food Sciences out of Austin, TX,  and created cocktails based on their unique supplements.  It was challenging and fun.  The supplements, themselves, can be quite bitter and earthy and almost unpalatable on their own.  Rather than turn away, I found it to be an opportunity to showcase our cocktail prowess.

I think that this is going to be an up and coming trend in the mixology world.  The idea of medicinal cocktails is nothing new, but there are different ways to express this.  For example, I worked with black tea extract.  This is highly tannic and robust, so I had to find a way to mellow it out.  It would be remiss to not mention the benefits from the extract.  Intense polyphenols and antioxidants top the list.  Looking for a way to diffuse and compliment the natural flavors, I added vodka, kale juice, celery juice, cumin, sassafras, lime and honey.  This turned out to be the most impressive potion at the event, winning over connoisseurs and health nuts alike.

The occasion was a blast.  I then got to use green coffee bean extract and a supplement that turned out to be for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia and hyper-proliferative cell disorders.  I immediately turned to citruses for their alkaline properties and garden fresh herbs for their unique flavor profiles.  Talk about packing a punch!  It seems that many spirits were conceived to cure random ailments and through the process of combining these supplements with a casual or impressive cocktail option only elevates the health benefit platform of the daily dose.

I have yet to see someone other than ourselves focusing on the pharmaceutical direction of cocktails.  I am looking forward to the rest of the cocktail world turning it’s focus away from the past and towards the future. 

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