Garden To Glass

Culinary Mixology offers a wide world of experiences.  I have always enjoyed the idea of farm to table food and it seems that taking this to the bar is the next level.  Working with the Wellington Steak House in Mission Hills afforded us an opportunity to try this concept where you can take the garden to the glass.

In the hills of La Mesa, Trish Watlington takes us on a tour of her ½ acre garden.  There are fuits, vegetables, herbs and lettuces growing along the hillside.  The fun comes in harvesting your own herbs or fruits and smashing them in a glass.  Then, picking which spirit supports the new flavor combination.  It is sort of a backwards approach to creating cocktail recipes. I find excitement in starting with the vegetable, fruit or herb I want to highlight, instead of starting with a boutique spirit, foresay.

Another example of this would be working with Art Produce for the up and coming North Park Festival of the Arts.  Lynn Susholtz boasts an impressive harvest from her backstage garden.  There are planter boxes filled with greens, purples, yellows and shades of white.  All resulting in star produce that will make it’s way into Snake Oil concoctions that afternoon.  I am hoping for springtime edible flowers and strawberries, maybe some fresh fennel fronds and spring peas!  Heck while we’re at it let’s pure some rhubarb and grab a bottle of rye.  The idea of standing there in the garden with a shaker in hand is almost too overwhelming in it’s proximity.

Come out and drink the garden.  May 17th, Art Produce in North Park

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