The Art of Moderation: Mixology Edition

January is almost over and here starts the art of moderation…

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably already broken your New Year resolutions. Why is it that we can’t seem to follow through with our New Year’s promises?

One explanation for this phenomenon is the fact that often times the goals we set for ourselves are far-fetched and unrealistic, especially when it comes to dieting and working out. Here’s some food for thought: try a new perspective. Instead of depriving yourself from the simple pleasures in life, i.e. cocktails and chocolate, why not just enjoy the two in more moderate quantities?


 Try a Mocktail


Don’t Let Your Alcohol Detox Rain On Your Parade! There are plenty of great ways to still enjoy a pseudo-mixed drink, a.k.a. a mocktail.

We recommend trying variations of popular drinks like a moscow mule, by subbing out the hard alcohol.

If you’re into detox waters and/or feeling like you’re at a Spa, try our Spa Day Lemonade.

This mocktail features cucumber, fresh mint, honey-lemonade & sparkling water

*Expert tip: visit a local vendor to get better quality and fresher produce.

We use  Specialty Produce, here in San Diego.



Try a Cocktail That Features A Winter Flavor Palette


For those of you who aren’t looking to cut alcohol completely out of your life, try to focus on quality over quantity. Moderation is all about making small changes and learning how to sustain them over a period of  time.

At Snake Oil, we believe that one really good craft cocktail is and will always be better than some sad rum and coke that you used to drink circa freshman year of college. This year, instead of cutting what you love  out of your life, try  switching it up a bit, without compromising quality and taste.

We recommend our drink, which features pressed pomegranate, bourbon, lemon, fresh ginger & vanilla infused honey.

*Expert tip: use high-quality, locally-sourced honey to give your mocktail a more complex flavor.

Check here for a list of local, San Diego honey.

Reward Yourself

Set up a cocktail piggy bank –Put a dollar in every time you work out or stay in on a Friday night. A dollar here, and a dollar there will add up to a nice cocktail out…cheers to that!


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