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To imply that there isn’t much a groom can do wrong when it comes to coordinating the big day is a questionable thought. After all, if he isn’t involved, he can’t mess up, right? Well, this here is nowhere close to a true statement. Below are a few highlights to be more involved and supportive during your wedding planning process:

Groom Duties

The most important thing to remember during this sequential process is to be the ideal co-pilot to your significant other. Be Advised; It can be a dangerous move to respond “I don’t care” when you’re asked about input on a wedding decision.. Practice active listening when your spouse is sharing their own ideas. Always have an opinion about every detail presented to you even if you find yourself indifferent about it

The groom is responsible for choosing and overseeing his own groomsmen. There is such thing as choosing your bridesmaids or groomsmen too soon. Hold off and save yourself from an awkward situation. Think about who has really been there for you before you start sending any wedding party invitations

It is very important for the budget to be planned out from the start… (common mistake). The guest list! Track down RSVP’s together with your “soon to be” spouse. Expect roughly 10% to not respond. Work together to create a budget. Talk about how you and your families, if you’re so lucky, are going handle expenses and contracts. A shared google document is a great way to stay organized and collaborate throughout the process

Stay on top of the rehearsal dinner. This is your responsibility and hold yourself accountable! To make your rehearsal dinner planning a breeze, find caterers that can help you plan an amazing evening. Here at Snake Oil, we specialize in elevating rehearsal dinners and weddings a long with our craft cocktail beverage catering services. Don’t get too wild at the rehearsal dinner. This is a great opportunity to connect with your bridal party, close friends and family

Actually write and practice your vows. It is never a good idea to “wing it.” Guys, this is truly a special moment; the care and effort you put into your vows reflects the care and effort you will put in to your marriage. Show your spouse how special they are to you and write from the heart

Some of your closest friends and family cleared their schedule to be a part of this special day. Show some appreciation by choosing gifts for the groomsmen and best man! Show your appreciation by gifting them a “groomsman kit” like the one pictured to start out the day right and have a day to remember

Style your very own wedding day look to make you feel your best! Ensure your groomsmen match. Have a little fun with matching socks or something that shows a little flair in your personality

newlyweds - cater weddings and events | snake oil cocktail co.
newlyweds - cater weddings and events | snake oil cocktail co.
happy couple, newlyweds - cater weddings and events | snake oil cocktail co.
family enjoying craft cocktails - cater weddings and events | snake oil cocktail co

Groom Planning Necessities

Learn to dance not only solo, but together with your spouse! What a great excuse for a weekday evening class with your loved one. When all eyes are on you two, shake it like polaroid picture

The honeymoon! Plan out the post wedding celebration for two at her desirable destination. It is better off that way

Setting deadlines is a very stressful element of planning a wedding. Yet, setting them enables the opportunity to move on to the next task. Look at your budget and vendor contracts during this time. Some vendors may need deposits sooner than others

Stop to smell the roses! When you’re being pulled in all sorts of different directions, be sure to remember what this day is actually all about

       a. Never lose sight of your bride        

       b. Make the best effort to make time for both her side of the family as well as yours

               Emergency Kits Day of Event-

  • For Him

Deodorant, Toothbrush Paste and Floss, Gum or Mints, Hair Products, Sewing Kit, Lint Roller, Medication/ Pain Relievers, Shoeshine Kit, Change of Clothes for Two

  • For Her

Portable Shoes, Tissues and Makeup Wipes, Makeup Items, Nail Polish, Snack to Hold Somebody Over, Band Aids, Cell Phone Charger, Extra Hair Ties, Bobby Pins and Safety Pins, Extra Earring Backs, Baby Powder

Groom Common Mistakes

Skipping frequent meetings with a wedding vendor is not a good idea. Putting off a piece because of an unexpected delay can happen, however one step at a time in sequential order and the process will progress more smoothly. Have a question about your bar package, our team is here for you

A common mistake more noticeable than you would think is a lack of coordination with family members. Cherish moments with grandma and grandpa. The most important thing is they feel taken care of and feel apart of the celebration  

Too many surprises during or before the scheduled event can be overwhelming for your bride. Even if she says she doesn’t like surprises, trust me, she probably does.  Be cautious how to present it and how many surprises there are. After all, it is a very emotional time for everyone. Forgetting to give your fiancé a little something is a mistake you want to avoid

Something to take into consideration before your wedding day is wearing your wedding shoes for the first time on game day. Find the happy medium of brand new & comfort

Before the festivities and rituals begin, do not forget that all-important groomsman talk. Everyone wants to celebrate and have a good time, just make sure to remember your best friends are groomsman today. Talk to them about appropriate times to be ridiculous  

A mistake to avoid for a groom on their big day is being too caught up in every wedding detail. Having your mind race about uncontrollable little details that haven’t turned out how you expected is the best way to find yourself not in the best mood. Remember what this day is really about. The bar is still open till 11 and Snake Oil Cocktail is crafting up the best

Stay away from day of itinerary. I would recommend to make a contingency plan between a month and two weeks before the saved date. Prepare your event for anything! This can be resolved  honestly by hiring the people that want to help make your day the most special …cough*.. Snake Oil Cocktail Company. Also, bring in an event planner for day-of or month-of coordination. The goal is to actually enjoy the best day of your life

groomsmen gift bourbon and cigars - cater weddings and events | snake oil cocktail co.
groomsmen - cater weddings and events | snake oil cocktail co.

Bottom line…… Be prepared! If you want to start planning today, call Snake Oil for help in executing your wedding day plans. When you have Snake Oil on your side for your big day, we’ll include a free tasting on us to let your tastebuds decide and preferences be revealed to ensure your special day will truly be an event to remember. Getting cold feet about commit to the cocktails? Book a tasting with a sales executive on our Snake Oil website for a small flat rate added to the contract. We guarantee you will fall in love with our service.

newlyweds - cater weddings and events | snake oil cocktail co.
groomsmen drinking bourbon - cater weddings and events | snake oil cocktail co.

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