8 Things to Have in Mind When Planning Your Own Wedding

Do you want to know what are the most important decisions you need to make before the big day?

Keep reading to make your wedding day one of the best days of your life!

1.    VENUE

One of the first things you need to choose when planning your wedding is where you want to celebrate it.

Where do you imagine the wedding of your dreams? Near the beach, in a big garden, in a beautiful hall… there are so many options available! If you are looking for a modern and nice space, JULEP venue is your best option: an 8,000sf hall with 24,000sf of reserved onsite parking, located just minutes away from the airport and the city’s liveliest neighborhoods. Definitely a place where you can plan your dream wedding.

2.    RINGS



You can’t forget the rings on your wedding day!

One of the latest trends is going to the jeweler’s workshop with your spouse to pick out and design your dream wedding bands together. This way you can be involved in the whole process together- from melting the gold to smoothing the final ring! The shared experience with your partner will allow you both to give a more special meaning to your wedding rings. 



Another important thing to have in mind when planning your wedding is the reception dining style and the type of food you want to be served.

There are many reception serving styles, but the three most common dining styles are the traditional plated dinner, where guests are seated and served a formal meal. Using a common buffet dining style, the dinner offerings are presented in a long table. There are also more minimal dining styles, like the bite-sized meal, which consists in tiny dishes of different food.

4.    CAKE

There are so many beautiful wedding cakes that choosing just one becomes a hard decision. From the classic vanilla to more ornate and colorful styles, don’t forget what matters the most: the taste!

cater weddings and events | snake oil cocktail co.

Expert’s tip: cake (especially buttercream and cream-based) isn’t invincible. Outside elements are often not cake’s friends – heat, sun, wind, sand, bugs, and birds all want a piece of your cake in one way or another. If you have an outdoor wedding, it is always best to have it protected with at least a large deck umbrella, tent, or full shade. Elaine Ardizzone, Owner, Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.



When you think about your wedding, what soundtrack comes to your mind? Some couples decide to hire a DJ while others prefer live music with some violins and a singer. Depending on the atmosphere you want to give to your wedding you can choose the best option for your dream reception!

cater live music events, check out our venue partnerships | snake oil cocktail co.


Now it comes one thing that all your guests will love: craft cocktails! If you are planning a magical and unforgettable day for you and your loved ones, it is essential that you give a unique touch to your wedding. And what would be better than signature cocktails to achieve that? As an experienced beverage catering company Snake Oil Cocktail Company offers extraordinary cocktail designs, especially prepared for your big day and made with the freshest ingredients.

You can also surprise your guests with our exclusive Cocktail Graffiti: a cocktail with a craft design on top. This can be the date of your wedding, a photo of both of you, the title of the song that played the day you met… there are many ways to personalize our Cocktail Graffiti for your special day! 

cater events, check out our venue partnerships | snake oil cocktail co.
craft cocktails with fresh fruit garnishes | snake oil cocktail co.


If you want the memories of your wedding to last forever, it is very important to hire a photographer and a videographer!

cater weddings and events | snake oil cocktail co.

Expert’s tip: Every couple has their own unique communication style so make sure you and your fiancé can really connect with your photographer in a way that allows you to be yourselves. As the photographer, I have the unique opportunity to step into these important spaces and help you slow down and remember important moments. I love bringing out the best in my couples in a way that is authentic and true to who they are so they can look back at their wedding photos and say, “I remember exactly how I felt in that moment!” Garrett Richardson, Photographer, Garrett Richardson Photography

8.    HAVE FUN!

bride and groom dancing, cater weddings and events | snake oil cocktail co.




The most important thing on your wedding’s day: don’t worry about anything and have a good time! Everything will go perfectly, just as you had imagined it!

If you want your wedding to be the most magical and unforgettable day of your live, contact Snake Oil Cocktail: we will make it happen!

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