The Snake Oil Scoop: Becca Tilley’s Blog Launch


On Monday, the Snake Oil team packed up the viper van and headed to Agoura Hills for TV personality Becca Tilley’s Blog & YouTube Launch Party. The soiree was hosted at none other than the Bachelor Mansion, where Becca first began her television career on the reality TV dating show, The Bachelor.


As the sun set the hills of Malibu, the Bachelor Mansion twinkled in the night with string lights and candles illuminating the pool and patio area. As the night went on, many of the “Bach-Nation” stars came out to congratulate Becca on her success, including fan-favorite and The Bachelorette, JoJo Fletcher and fíance Jordan Rodger. Other Bachelor contestants and friends joined the party, including Luke Pell, Robert Graham and Chris Soules.


On trend with Becca’s lifestyle and travel blog, Snake Oil Cocktail Co. served up two delicious house-made, custom craft cocktails: The London Calling is made with coconut milk, applewood infusion, fresh pressed ginger, pressed lemons, club soda and served with vodka or gin. Pleasure of Provence is another Snake Oil provision made with a herbes de Provence reduction, fresh pressed lemons and oranges, freshly muddled cranberries, served with vodka or gin. Becca loved the London Calling!


Snake Oil Cocktail Company also served bubbles and rosé, courtesy of Angels & Cowboys.


Guests sipped cocktails, mingled, and danced the night away in celebration of Becca’s Blog Launch. Congrats Becca!

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Valentine’s Day in San Diego

Valentine’s Day is widely recognized as a day of love and devotion…it’s either loved or loathed by singles and couples alike. While February 14th once meant getting free chocolate from your 2nd grade classmates, things change a bit for the 18 and over crowd who become consumed by the complexities of ‘what to buy’, ‘what to wear’ and ‘what to do’ with your loved one. We at Snake Oil got you covered with all sorts of ideas that you can try this year for Valentine’s day.

1. Stay in

Forget your diets for the night and find a recipe that you and your loved one can both agree on and tag-team dinner. Don’t forget the cocktail!

52 copy-X3Black Cherry Sour

2 oz Rye whiskey

0.5 oz Amaro

1 oz Fresh pressed lemon

1 oz Simple syrup

1 ea Egg white, freshly cracked and separated

1 oz Fresh pressed black cherry juice

3 dash Barrel aged bitters


Add cherries, lemon juice, and simple syrup to a shaker tin. Muddle until fruit is heavily pulverized. Double strain into a new shaker tin. Add egg, rye, and Amaro and dry shake hard for 10 seconds. Add ice and shake again until thoroughly chilled. Strain into a coupe glass. Allow head to form and drizzle bitters over cocktail. Garnish with a cherry slice.

2. Spreading Love


Hand out flowers or thoughtful notes to friends/co-workers or people in your life that you may never get the chance to show your love for.

Galentine edition: Created by Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day is a celebrated on February 13th with your gal pals. Pick up some fresh flowers for your galentines at your local florist. We like Isari Florist Studio.


3. Staycation

Tidal Restaurant SD

It’s easy to forget just how beautiful San Diego is when you’re driving the I-5 everyday during traffic hours. Sometimes it’s better to forgo the road rage and just take the coast –even if takes a little longer, it’s a nice reminder of how lucky you are to call San Diego home. Same goes for a staycation. Why leave Sunny San Diego, when you can just enjoy a nice meal out with your loved one?

This V-Day we recommend trying a new restaurant in San Diego:

For a fancy dinner, try Tidal, check out their menu here

For a more casual Sunday brunch, try the Broken Yolk in Del Mar.

4. Spontaneous Adventure

photo courtesy of SanDiegoRed

La Justina photo courtesy of SanDiegoRed

Sometimes planning takes all the fun out of adventure. If you’re looking to be spontaneous with your loved one, try picnicking at Balboa or Coronado


Day trip to Tijuana!

We recommend walking along Avenida Revolucíon and trying one of these great restuarants: Tobu, Mamut, Oryx Capital, and La Justina.


The Art of Moderation: Mixology Edition

January is almost over…

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably already broken your New Year resolutions. Why is it that we can’t seem to follow through with our New Year’s promises?

One explanation for this phenomenon is the fact that often times the goals we set for ourselves are far-fetched and unrealistic, especially when it comes to dieting and working out. Here’s some food for thought: try a new perspective. Instead of depriving yourself from the simple pleasures in life, i.e. cocktails and chocolate, why not just enjoy the two in more moderate quantities?


 Try a Mocktail


 Don’t Let Your Alcohol Detox Rain On Your Parade! There are plenty of great ways to still enjoy a pseudo-mixed drink, a.k.a. a mocktail.

We recommend trying variations of popular drinks like a moscow mule, by subbing out the hard alcohol.

If you’re into detox waters and/or feeling like you’re at a Spa, try our Spa Day Lemonade.

This mocktail features cucumber, fresh mint, honey-lemonade & sparkling water

*Expert tip: visit a local vendor to get better quality and fresher produce. We use  Specialty Produce, here in San Diego.



Try a Cocktail That Features A Winter Flavor Palette

Snake Oil 10.31.10 © Jessica Lee-22-X3

For those of you who aren’t looking to cut alcohol completely out of your life, try to focus on quality over quantity. Moderation is all about making small changes and learning how to sustain them over a period of  time.

At Snake Oil, we believe that one really good craft cocktail is and will always be better than some sad rum and coke that you used to drink circa freshman year of college. This year, instead of cutting what you love  out of your life, try  switching it up a bit, without compromising quality and taste.

We recommend our drink, which features pressed pomegranate, bourbon, lemon, fresh ginger & vanilla infused honey.

*Expert tip: use high-quality, locally-sourced honey to give your mocktail a more complex flavor. Check here for a list of local, San Diego honey.

Reward Yourself

Set up a cocktail piggy bank –Put a dollar in every time you work out or stay in on a Friday night. A dollar here, and a dollar there will add up to a nice cocktail out…cheers to that!



Signature Wedding Cocktails

Love your partner? Getting married? Signature cocktails at weddings and special events are trending this year and we have some ideas for you. We make our cocktails (which can also be made as mocktails) by drawing inspiration from the farm.

Here are some options for every kind of alcohol lover:

For the vodka buff…

Bride's Bouquet cocktail

Photo by Lunaphoto

If tequila is your fancy…

Orange Crush cocktail

Photo by Lunaphoto

For champagne lovers…


Like darker liquor? Try this bourbon libation…


Photo by @garrettrichardson

If you want someone to make these drinks for you, contact us for a quote to make and serve personalized cocktails at your wedding! We look forward to having you come in for tastings once you book with us.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.22.09 AM

Celebrate Spring

With the summer just around the corner and beautiful Southern California weather event season is upon us.   While good food and good decorations are both a must, do not forget to compliment the celebration with the perfect beverage menu.  Whether your are craving a classic champagne toast or a fresh and fun offering of this season’s finest cocktails let Snake Oil provide our outstanding service to ensure an unforgettable experience.


No matter the occasion, any celebration is the perfect excuse for champagne.  At Snake Oil, we guarantee the perfect champagne toast.  We can cater a selection of premium champagne or customize it to your preferences.  Craving a fun twist on classic champagne? Or, what about sparkling champagne cocktail to add to your menu?  Whether you are looking for a traditional champagne toast or want to pair farm-fresh ingredients with your favorite bottle, let us create the perfect toasting moment for you.


The art of mixology is our passion here at Snake Oil and an offering of our craft cocktails will be the pièce de résistance at any party.  Our drink philosophy is not founded in the back-bar, but rather the farm for innovation and inspiration.  The result is vibrant and delicious concoctions that will delight any party.   We can also create equally delectable nonalcoholic mocktails to accommodate the preferences of all guests.


At Snake Oil, we love adding customizable touches  to all of our beverages that will truly elevate your next event. Our customer’s happiness is our greatest priority here and we want to create the experience that makes every guest feel like the king/queen they are.  We believe the right beverage can transform any event something magical and unforgettable.

Let us know how we can serve you by filling our inquiry form.


Avocado Madness

A couple weekends ago Snake Oil had the honor of serving some of our hand-crafted cocktails at Avocado Madness hosted by Chef’s Roll.  The event was a March Madness style competition leading up to the Final Four.  It started with an all-star line-up of 64 chefs who had to develop an avocado-inspired recipe through a possible 6 rounds of competition.  Each week, half of the chefs were eliminated until there was four left.  From those finalists, two finalist – Chef Dorian Southall and Chef Ricardo Heredia – were selected.


The final face-off took place in San Diego California.  Culinary mastermind Andrew Spargin hosted the event with the assistance of Kitchen 4140 and Chef Kurt Metzger.  It was the ultimate challenge as each finalist had to create an entire avocado-inspired menu with the chance to win $10,000 in cash and prizes.  Hungry connoisseurs from all over Southern California came to test the immaculate creations.

chefsrollWhat pairs better with an avocado-inspired menu than avocado cocktails?  Snake Oil served up a delicious concoction of Han Soju Vodka, pressed lemon, and pink peppercorn infused honey, sorrel, and – of course – smashed avocado for guests to enjoy as they awaited their food.


While guests enjoyed our cocktails the chefs relentlessly worked in the kitchen to deliver innovate dishes utilizing fresh Avocados from Mexico.  The judge’s panel included Katherine Humphus of Kats Kitchen Collective, Tommy Gomes Of Catalina Offshore Products, Troy Johnson(Food Critic) & Javier Plascencia of the much-anticipated Bracero Cocina.  They ultimately selected Chef Ricardo Heredia as the champion.  However with such amazing food, spectacular cocktails, and good company it is safe to say that everyone was a winner that day.



Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.57.49 AM

Spring Beverage Trends

Spring is officially here and so are the vibrant colors and flavors that come with it.  Our mixologists are constantly working on creating exciting new combinations for clients. For us, cocktails are a complete sensory experience which is why we are committed to creating a truly exceptional beverage experience.  Here are some of the latest trends you can find Snake Oil serving up!

Fruit Infusions.  With spring comes an abundance of fresh fruits that are the perfect addition to our cocktails.  Snake Oil uses nothing but the freshest ingredients to ensure that our cocktails are the perfectly balanced and not too sweet.  Rather than rely on processed syrups to achieve fruity beverages like other caterers, our mixologists want to honor Mother Nature and reflect the true flavors.


Vibrant color. When using fresh vegetables and fruits, Snake Oil guarantees that our cocktails will not only taste amazing but be visually pleasing as well.  Our use of striking color will be sure to impress any clients or guests.  They will surely stand out at spring weddings and corporate events.


Salty Sips.  Utilizing unique artisan salt blends both around the rim and as a savory addition to drinks is a popular trend that will continue to bloom into Spring.  Research suggests that salt has the ability to optimize certain notes in a drink by subduing bitterness and heightening sweet and sour flavors.  It is for this reason Snake Oil mixologists have loved adding it to give our signature cocktails an added touch.





Westfield Uncorked Wine Walk

Snake Oil Cocktail recently had the privilege of working with Westfield UTC on an “Uncorked” event showcasing unique Southern California food and beverage options.. The event featured four wine gardens that guests could explore as well as an offering of cuisine from Seasons 52, Eureka!, Tender Greens, PIRCH, and Bottega Italiana Gelato.  While guests sampled and shopped there was live acoustic performances featuring talented local artists.

100s of locals wined and dined while enjoying the recently renovated mall.  For an extra fee, guests could upgrade their tickets for the VIP treatment.  The VIP experience included one extra garden hosted by Riviera Magazine that featured hors d’oeuvres, exclusive fountain side seating, pop-up retail shopping, and some of Snake Oil’s finest cocktails.



 Here is a peak at the two delicious concoctions Snake Oil served, which one would you like to sample?  

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 1.41.45 PM

A Spanish Rhapsody

Snake Oil Cocktail has had the privilege of managing the concessions at the San Diego Symphony for a couple years now.  We love the beautiful concert hall and the opportunity to be a part of so many amazing events.  This weekend (May 15-17) the Copley Symphony Hall is hosting a spectacular concert series called A Spanish Rhapsody that Snake Oil could not be more excited for.  Emmanuel Chabrier,Édouard Lalo and Maurice Ravel will capture the culture, sounds and energy of Spain.  Each night of the series will be full of  unforgettable music combing the seductive rhythms and textures of Andalusia, Madrid and Barcelona.


The centerpiece of this Jacobs Masterworks concert, led by Music Director Jahja Ling, is Lalo’s Symphonie espagnole, a violin concerto in all but name that is shot through with gorgeous Spanish melodies and will be brilliantly executed by exciting young violinist Ray Chen. The concert concludes, appropriately, with excerpts from authentic Spanish composer Manuel de Falla‘s charming and humorous ballet The Three-Cornered Hat.


To elevate the experience to the next level, Snake Oil crafted a specialty cocktail for guests to enjoy during intermission.  This concoction will feature  premium vodka, pressed pineapple, lemon, rosemary-black pepper infused agave, ginger, pasteurized egg white. So do not miss out on this spectacular opportunity to enjoy some of the finest music and cocktails that Southern California has to offer.  Tickets for each night can can be purchased here.

Here is a little preview of the amazing musical score!

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.15.28 PM

828 Private Showcase

This Thursday, May 7, Snake Oil is elated to be featured at 828 Event’s Private Venue Showcase.  They will be displaying 828’s preferred vendors- Snake Oil being one of them!   828 is both a photography and event planning company with a beautiful venue in Liberty Station.  Whether you are looking for your wedding reception or your next company banquet, you will have an unparalleled opportunity to see and sample the latest trends in event planning and catering.


Snake Oil will be serving up a variety of our finest cocktails alongside and delicious offering of appetizers to guests.  If you would like to learn more about our company and what services we can do for you be sure to RSVP here.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.03.08 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.01.45 PM

Snake Oil Cocktail Company’s Bloody Mary Bar