7 Ways to Make Your Company Holiday Party Better Than Ever

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and so are the holidays. If you’re in charge of spreading holiday cheer in the workplace, this can be a daunting task. After all, surveys show that most employees would rather have a day off or receive extra benefits instead of attending a company party. 

It’s time to make sure your team shows up at the party because they are genuinely interested in it – and not just because the manager expects them to be there. Here, we share some ways to make your company holiday party better than the year before.  

Your choice of venue impacts the way your employees feel about the event. If you’ve been organizing your holiday parties in the office the last few years, it’s time to try an off-site venue. Having your events in the workplace make it difficult for your team to break out of their routine and enjoy the night.

Out-of-the-office celebrations, on the other hand, immediately spark interest among your employees by simply offering a change in scenery. Think of hotel function halls or event spaces, such as JULEP. For smaller businesses, consider booking a restaurant function room, or reserving Julep’s quaint café or small bar for the event. 

Speaking of off-site parties, going for unique, exotic, or unexpected locations for your holiday celebration is quite a game changer. For an amazing corporate holiday party, BBJ Linen shares that unconventional venues like rooftops, warehouses, or art galleries can make for truly immersive experiences. 

Choose venues that also resonate with your team or corporate culture. For more dynamic organizations, renting the local arcade is an option that offers fun without the formality. Make sure to complement this event with game-themed holiday food and Snake Oil cocktails.

A holiday party in the museum or an art gallery, on the other hand, provides a refined backdrop suited for more elegant celebrations. Plus, not everyone can claim they had a Christmas dinner next to priceless sculpture or the fossil of a dinosaur. 

It’s time to say goodbye to those embarrassing hiccups when someone brought the same pasta or roast beef recipe as their boss. Forget the potluck and hire a professional instead. 

Caterers save everyone from stressing over what food to prepare and making sure people don’t bring the same meal to the celebration. Plus, nothing tells you a party is an important occasion than the sight of catered food. 

Professional caterers are often in charge of setting up the venue, and are connected with a number of suppliers and vendors you can work with for an event. 

For a hassle-free celebration, discuss with them ideas about how you want the holiday event to be served at least seven weeks out. Don’t forget to consider preparing a menu with options for employees with specific dietary restrictions. 


Cocktails and signature drinks are a mainstay during the holiday season. Honor this tradition by creating a self-service hot chocolate bar. Simply add a hot chocolate dispenser along with all-time favorite toppings like cinnamon, marshmallows, mint sprinkles, and whipped cream. It’s a great way for your employees to craft their own drinks. 

If you’re opting for a catered menu, then consider beverage catering as well. You can rent a mobile bar with professional mixologists serving custom-designed cocktails that include your company logo on the drink itself. It’s a great branding idea that’s Instagram-worthy too. 

When it comes to holiday celebrations, red, green and gold are often the colors we have in mind. And it’s often the same palette in the decor we use for our company holiday parties – wreaths, Santa hats, glitters. Make your office celebration stand out this year by opting for unexpected decor inspirations.

Outside weddings and baby showers, pastel-themed celebrations have been welcomed in many holiday festivities. Decorate your party space with pale pink or dreamy blue fabrics for an easy-on-the-eye tablescape, and use gold-accented flatware and china for added sophistication. Use acrylic chairs that evoke the season’s frost while adding a contemporary touch to your whimsical affair. 

Holiday celebrations should be a time to unwind and loosen up. Forget the formal dinner. It’s time to go for themes. 

Reignite interest in company party by organizing a Las Vegas themed party complete with cards, drinks, and rented slot machines. Catering for millennials or the trying-to-be-a-millennial? Opt for a Coachella-inspired event with modern lounge seating, throw rugs, floral prints, and lanterns, plus curated live music courtesy of a DJ. 

Or, give a nod to the Disco era with a 70s-inspired celebration. From flares and groovy shirts, to maxi skirts and platform shoes, this throwback holiday party is an excuse to play some Earth, Wind, and Fire in winter. Luckily, 70s fashion trends are making a comeback, so no one has to worry about looking odd on their way to the party.

With these unconventional party venues and unexpected themes, it’s only logical your company holiday party gets some social media exposure.

At the venue, set up a photobooth for instant, high-quality photos that also serve as souvenirs; then, share the digital copies on your company’s Facebook page and get to see who gets the most likes. You can also organize a competition on Instagram and reward the best social media content – best photo, best caption, or even best Boomerang video. 

Use an an official hashtag for the event. It’s a great way to track all the media content from your event, and know the sentiment of your employees for a post-celebration evaluation. Plus, it also sparks interest among non-employees who gets to see how holidays are done right in your company.  

Like any event, your company holiday party should focus on the people. Polling your employees on what they want, and listening carefully to their suggestions can help you organize a successful celebration. 

While traditional holiday party ideas are always reliable, trying out creative and unique alternatives with the venue, food, and decor can make this year’s even more memorable. And for many employees, a good time can boost morale, increase productivity, and cultivate loyalty.

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