‘Tis the Season for Holiday Cocktails


As we approach the holidays, we’re sharing some of our seasonal signature Snake Oil holiday cocktails, a few classics, and even a wild card, ’cause why not? Check it out…


This milky punch is a holiday favorite, and we spiced ours with vanilla bean paste, fresh grated nutmeg and clove and served it with a side of brandy. For those of you who opt for a plant-based milk, there’s a variety of nogs out there, but Califia Farms is our fav. It’s half the calories, which means, we’ll have two, thanks!

And if you didn’t know before, now ya do… Christmas Eve is National Egg Nog Day.


Who doesn’t love cozying up with a warm bev during the holidays?! With fresh pressed apples, red wine, winter spices and hints of citrus and cranberry, our Snake Oil Mulled Wine is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


A holiday punch is an always the talk of the party and a fun way to serve pre-batched cocktails. Our Snake Oil Cocktail Co. Holiday Punch is made with vodka (also good with rum!) steeped hibiscus flower, fresh ginger root, allspice, vanilla bean, ground nutmeg and lime.  Extra props if you serve it out of your mom’s punch bowl she managed to save for all these years. We have a plethora of punch bowls we can bring to your next event, too!


Perfect for those cold nights, a hot toddy will warm you up in no time. We love making our toddies with Jameson Irish Whiskey, local honey, fresh pressed ginger and lemon, and hints of cinnamon and clove and eating it with a chunk of raisin challah from Milton’s Bakery in Del Mar. Hot toddies are said to relieve symptoms of a cold, too!


Yup, we did it. We took this trending cocktail concept into the Snake Oil kitchen for a little R&D. We made our own hot chocolate with locally crafted Eclipse Chocolate and organic milk, added cabernet sauvignon and topped it with whipped cream and toasted marshmallows. This warm bev might not make the Snake Oil menu, but it’s a fun one to try at home with friends.


One of our favorite cocktails to make for holiday parties is the Orchard. The fresh pressed apples really make this drink tasty, combined with pressed lime, fresh ginger root, local honey and hints of hazelnut. We love it with rum, vodka or bourbon!


We are no ordinary cocktail company, so why have an ordinary mule on the menu? While we can easily whip one up, we love the Orange Falernum Mule, made with bourbon, clove, cinnamon bark, vanilla bean, star anise, almonds, pressed orange, and ginger beer.

No matter the occasion, Snake Oil Cocktail Company can help you with your event, dinner or next gathering.

Give us a shout: events@snakeoilcocktail.com to learn more.

Happy Holidays and Happy Sipping from all of us at Snake Oil Cocktail Company!


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