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There is nothing quite like enjoying refreshing frozen cocktails on a hot summer day. This is the ultimate way to relax while trying to beat the heat. However, do not let that limit you to only enjoying these delicious drinks during the summer. They can be sipped on any time of the year, especially when you’re living in sunny southern California!

Frozen cocktails began their development from the invention of the household blender, originally designed in 1922 for soda fountains to blend malted milkshakes. This led to daiquiri machines and the infamous margarita machine. (Fat Tuesdays, anyone?) Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of Slurpees and snow cones from our childhood summers that help make these adult treats so appealing.


Snake Oil Summer Favorites


Pronounced ‘fro-ZAY’, this adult slushy is primarily made with pink rosé wine and a hint of citrus. It can be garnished with a variety of creative ideas – from a micro rose to a watermelon wedge- the styling possibilities are endless. Frosé is a great choice for wedding showers and bachelorette parties.


This delicious rum-based beverage dates all the way back to 1898, and is named after a historically famous beach in Santiago, Cuba. This frozen cocktail has even been nationally recognized on July 19th for “National Daiquiri Day.” You can get creative with flavors like strawberry or pitaya. The daiquiri was also the drink of choice for writer Ernest Hemingway and President John F. Kennedy.


The Margarita, or “daisy” in Spanish, is a crowd pleasing favorite. Its primary component, tequila, is the base for many delicious flavors and variations to the classic frozen cocktail. Often garnished with a salt rimmed glass and a lime wedge, the margarita is a refreshing staple in the San Diego community, along with street tacos.

Thirsty Yet?

Whether it’s pool side, at a Snake Oil catered event, or at home in the kitchen, we hope you can enjoy an ice cold frosé, margarita, daiquiri, or another blended beverage of choice before the summer comes to an end.

If you are interested in frozen cocktails or any craft cocktail creation for your next event or party, email us at

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