Our Favorite Seasonal Holiday Cocktails

Making Spirits Bright

Though we’re still in denial 2019 is almost upon us, we love the cold and cozy season, filled with holiday cheer. Despite the warmer days we’ve been having in San Diego, at Snake Oil Cocktail Co., we have been planning for crisp evenings and seasonal soirees. As corporate groups plan their annual holiday parties, friends get together for a small cocktail party and the occasional bride puts her final touch on her winter wedding, we’ve be working like Santa’s elves to put the finishing touches on our holiday cocktail menu, highlighting some of the winter season’s favorite flavors. There is no better way to celebrate the holidays than with a seasonal cocktail in hand, surrounded by family and friends.

Highlighting the most popular flavors from this time of year, our team of mixologists artfully balance the flavors between herbs, produce, and spirits to ensure your beverage experience is effortlessly delicious. All it takes is a sip, and you’ll taste why many of our clients keep coming back for more.


Seasonal Flavor Profiles

Forget the pumpkin spice. When we talk about seasonal flavors, we look to our local farms to find out what’s in season this time of year. Apples, pears, persimmons, pomegranates, cranberries, and grapefruits are some of our favorites right now. (Seriously, have you had a local apple recently? Undeniably delicious!) We are juicing, muddling and mixing all of our cocktails fresh in our kitchen each day. Spices lend subtle hints of flavor and they play with the complexity of the spirits and fresh produce. We’re well stocked with all spice, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon and star anise this season and our kitchen smells delicious when we’re combining our cocktail designs.

Ten of Our Favorite Holiday Cocktails


Bourbon, Pressed Lemon, Muddled Orange Peel,
Cinnamon Bark, House-made Mulled Wine Float

Feliz Navidad
Silver Tequila, Pressed Grapefruit and Lemon,
Agave Nectar, Black Sea Salt

Partridge in a Pear Tree
Vodka, Smashed Pear, Ginger Beer,
Pressed Lime, Angostura Bitters

St. Nic
Choice of Vodka, Gin or Bourbon, Smashed Blueberry,
Pressed Lemon, Lavender, Soda

Deck the Halls
Choice of Vodka or Gin, Pressed Grapefruit,
Thyme Infusion, Blackberry Jam, Touch of Vanilla


Peter Rabbit
Pimm’s No 1, Muddled Basil, Pressed Lemon,
Pickled Baby Globe Carrot

Mrs. Claus
Choice of Vodka or Tequila, Dragon Fruit,
Pressed Lime, Muddled Basil, Black Pepper

Winter Wonderland
Choice of Vodka or Gin, Coconut Milk,
Applewood Infusion, Fresh Ginger, Pressed Lemon, Soda

Penny’s Chillin’
Choice of Scotch or Tequila, Ancho Chili Infused Honey,
Pressed Lemon, Fresh Ginger

Santa’s Old Fashioned
Choice of Bourbon or Tequila, Tamarind Soda,
Mole Bitters, Expressed Orange Oil

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