Events for the Holidays: Late Summer Rooftop Party

A photo of Ultimate Skybox venue furnished in the sunset


As we approach the end of the year, we have a lot of fun holidays to look forward to, like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it is certainly a busy time for us. Until then, there’s a time where summer slowly fades and the feeling of autumn is coming. This is the perfect time to extend the summer a little longer, and in what better way is there than hosting a rooftop party with a summer feel!? Get some string lights, flowers, heaters and a bar full of fresh cocktails and you are all set for an Indian-Summer-vibe!

Venue & Live Music. Book a local indie band to set the right mood. Live music highlights the whole event experience and makes it even more memorable as you dance into the night. There are several places in San Diego that provide live music to events, like The Acoustic Spot. When it comes to venues you should use a spot that reflects the same atmosphere you want to create at your Summer Rooftop Party. We love Ultimate Skybox, a gorgeous venue in downtown San Diego with a stunning view of the city and beautiful outside terrace. Venues like this are perfect if you want an amazing view and a sparkling sunset!

It’s in the Details. It’s often the little things people remember and the details can make a huge difference! Bring out sparklers on the tables, decorate the glasses with drink tags and don’t forget to put flowers on the tables. One tip from us at Snake Oil Cocktail Company Company is to look on various blogs or Instagram for inspiration and recreate the concepts and details that catches your eye. Our cocktails are made with great detail and we always think of how to create that little extra touch when we design cocktails for our events. 


Becca Tilley with tiki cocktails behind a Snake Oil Cocktail Co bar holding a white mixer


DIY – Choose Your Own Adventure! With help and guidance from our mixologists at Snake Oil Cocktail Company you can create an unforgettable experience by letting your guests create their own cocktails at the party. This is a great way to involve the guests in an activity at the event and give them fun and unique memories of creating their very own cocktails. We bring fresh ingredients, all the essentials and encourage attendees to choose their own combination to create a flavorful cocktail. You can even make it fun with a competition and hand out prices to the winners who made the most creative drinks.

Have a Taste of Summer. What reflects summer more than strawberries? The cocktail Strawberry Fields is the perfect addition to any summer party, a fruity drink made of fresh strawberries. Choose to serve the drink with either vodka, tequila or gin based on you and your guests preferences!

Photo by Garrett Richardson

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