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Snake Oil is known for craft cocktail and elaborate beverage experiences. Did you know we look to the farm and kitchen when creating a new cocktail? It all starts by craving something refreshing, maybe with cucumbers and mint, so we juice the cucumbers with the skin on for extra vibrant colors, muddle in some mint and agave syrup, add some citrus and come up with a great build. And then we think about what kind of spirit to pair it with… gin, tequila, vodka? What best suits the cocktail’s sophisticated flavor palette? But, what if we just skipped the booze? Why not go sans-alcohol and offer your guests a farm-fresh mocktail?!

There are so many delicious cocktails! But did you know that there’s a lot of delicious and beautiful mocktails as well? There are times when not everyone is able to enjoy a cocktail, whether it’s an event for a group of young adults who aren’t quite 21 years old, a pregnant guest, a designated driver or maybe it simply is not the right occasion for alcohol. Here at Snake Oil Cocktail Company, we believe that just because there’s no alcohol doesn’t mean there’s no fun.

Watch as your guests light up as they see our non-alcoholic options on the menu just for them to enjoy. Forget the sugary sodas and make your party more Instagram worthy with our beautiful,  farm-fresh mocktails!

cater quinceanera with beautiful craft mocktails | snake oil cocktail co.

Cocktail Graffiti

Cocktail graffiti is a special way to highlight your party’s theme, whether it’s a monogram, a photo or a celebratory images. This is how Cocktail Graffiti works: Start by choosing one of Snake Oil’s refreshing signature cocktails to feature at your event. The only requirement is that the cocktail needs to have egg white so that the Cocktail Graffiti will stay on the top of the cocktail. One of our favorites is the Hummingbird Sour, which is delicious both with or without alcohol. Cocktail Graffiti Mocktails are one way that we can bring the magic to your special event.

Our design team will work with you to come up with the best artistic design for your special occasion. We’ll bring everything to you and you can just sip on your customized mocktail and be ready to take a lot of pictures, ’cause who wouldn’t take a picture of these beautiful Instagram worthy mocktails? This will definitely be seen on all of your guests Instagram posts. Whatever your next upcoming special event is, Cocktail Graffiti makes the party! What would you put on your cocktail graffiti? The choices are endless and Yes, it’s edible too.


Sounds too good to be true?

Check out our Cocktail Graffiti video down below!

Baby Shower

Let’s be real. If Mom can’t drink, no one gets to drink. Perfect time to introduce mocktails to the menu. Cute babyshower calls for a SUPER cute cotton candy mocktail! Why don’t reveal the baby’s gender with a cotton candy mocktail? Simple fill a glass with cotton candy- blue cotton candy if it’s a boy and pink if it’s girl- pour from a shaker or glass and see the satisfying sight of melting cotton candy and the priceless reactions of friends, family, and mom-to-be! Don’t forget to have your cameras ready!

cater quinceanera with beautiful craft mocktails | snake oil cocktail co.


Have you ever been to a Quinceanera? A Quinceanera is the celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday. This birthday celebration is unique because it highlights the transformation from childhood to young womanhood; It is both a cultural and social event to be celebrated in Hispanic culture. Quinceneras can take place anywhere, whether it is in Mexico, Latin America and the United States. But wait what, 15th birthday? Then she can’t drink cocktails! That’s why colorful and tasty mocktails are the perfect addition when hosting a quinceanera. Play around with some smashed fruits such as tangerines and watermelon to bring out those beautiful colors and fresh flavors!

Want more tips on how you can improve your fiesta? Click here

cater kids events with craft mocktails | snake oil cocktail co.
cater quinceanera with beautiful craft mocktails | snake oil cocktail co.

Kids Parties

Summer is coming up and you all know what that means? That’s right, BBQ season!

This is a perfect opportunity to sit back and sip on a mocktail. Imagine grabbing a beer or a glass of wine with your neighbors and putting dinner on the grill while the kids playing around in the yard. Even if non-alcoholic beer and wine exist, it may not be the kids first choice or something they’ll prefer drinking. Maybe you have some lemonade and fruit punch for them, but at Snake Oil Cocktail Company we can go beyond that! We’ll give the kids something to smile about. Summer is a great time to throw family parties with all your relatives and friends; amp up your get together and have a Kids Bar with Mocktails and an Adult Bar with Cocktails, Beer and Wine? That’s a party that everyone will be happy to attend! Do you prefer mocktails? Take out your childish side and head over to the Kids Bar, we promise we won’t tell.

Do you wanna turn it up another level? Here’s an idea… highlight the visual part of the drink! Bring out your inner tiki spirit and call Snake Oil Cocktail Company to provide your fiesta with engraved coconuts, party tip: give every guest their own personal engraved coconut. Now you can make sure that your sneaky friend won’t steal your drink. Pineapples are also a cool and pretty option to make your mocktail look as awesome as it tastes. Use the pineapple’s fruit as an ingredient to the mocktail, as a fresh and healthy snack or put it on the grill. Save the green top of the pineapple as decor and then use the hollowed bottom to as your mocktail or cocktail glassware!

cater kids events with beautiful craft mocktails | snake oil cocktail co.
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