Planning an Unforgettable New Year’s Cocktail Party


We know it’s hard to believe that 2019 is just about week away. Time flies when you’re having fun, and this year has definitely been an exciting one! This New Year’s Eve calls for a celebration, and what’s more appropriate than to celebrate this year with your nearest and dearest.

Have you made plans for New Years Eve? Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to plan the perfect New Years Party. The Snake Oil crew will provide you the inspiration you need. So, let’s pop that champagne and start planning an extraordinary NYE party!

Here’s five things that we guarantee will make your New Years party unforgettable:

1. Champagne Tower

New Years is the perfect occasion for a champagne tower. You would naturally want to serve champagne on your New Year’s party but why just hand out normal flutes with champagne when you can impress your guests with a beautiful, shimmering tower of everyone’s favorite bubbly?!

Snake Oil can provide the gatsby-style champagne coupes, bubbly and service. It’s also important to find the perfect, show-stopping place to put the tower. Trust me you will want to show this one off and your friends will instantly grab their phones to snap that pic.


2. Element of Surprise

To make your party unforgettable, make sure to add an element of surprise. Maybe you have friends who want to announce their engagement or recent milestone on New Year’s Eve. Surprises can be simple, such as live music,  or simply giving a heart-felt speech to tie the night together.

3. Cocktail Graffiti

Just imagine the look on your guests’ faces when they realize that the craft cocktails you’re serving has their faces on it, or a cute personalized holiday design. With Snake Oil’s Cocktail Graffiti, anything is possible. It doesn’t get more customized than this. No one will ever forget that party where they got a cocktail decorated with their own faces.

Learn More About Cocktail Graffiti >>


4. Party Games

New Years calls for fun games. As much as you just love chatting with people about their New Year’s wishes and resolutions, sometimes you get tired of the surface-level gabbing. Kick it up a notch and add a great party game. There are plenty of fun games suitable for New Years. Click here for some of our favorites!

5. All About the Details

Let’s be real, it’s all about the details. Add a bar cart to your NYE plan, in addition to a main bar. To decorate your home and bar cart, add things like cute stir-sticks, paper straws, festive bottles, and other fun props that will make a huge difference to your party.  Plus, guests can help themselves to a quick bevvy using the mini bar cart.


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