The IT 2 Experience | Snake Oil takes a Trip to Derry!

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Snake Oil Takes a Trip to Derry | IT2 Experience

In the bustling city streets of Hollywood, IT enthusiasts from near and far lined up to enjoy the IT 2 Experience. Whether you are an IT enthusiast or just up for some summertime spooks – this is an event that you can’t miss! You can see it all for yourself at Hollywood and Vine, and it will be open for visitors daily from 2pm-11pm until September 8th. When guests arrive, they are instantly transported to Derry; sounds of IT-themed carnival games, carnival music and the ringmaster’s voice eerily floated through the lot. The only thing missing was the clown in charge himself…or is he missing… we’ll let you find out for yourself!

Drinks and Dinner in Derry

All of Derry’s guests were enjoying some carnival themed bites from Root Cellar Catering Co. Delicious sliders, corndogs, cotton candy, and candied apples were served in vintage food carts to add to the carnival aesthetic. Guests enjoyed sips and snacks as they strolled through Derry and all the fun (and spooks) it had to offer.

Food and Beverage Vendors | IT 2 Experience

Snake Oil Cocktail Company wanted to create shake up something spooky for this event so we served up the “Scary”, “Not Scary”, and the “Very Scary”. The Cocktail Graffiti “Scary” Cocktail featured a peeking Pennywise and some pressed raspberries to enhance the color of the cocktail.

“Not Scary” featured coconut milk, an applewood infusion, and a split cherry garnish to represent Georgie’s infamous balloon.

“Very Scary” featured pressed grapefruit and a house-made blackberry jam that made for a sip so good you might forget that you were in Derry after all.

Cocktail Graffiti | IT2 Experience
Not Scary | IT2 Experience

What to do in Derry

Very Scary | IT2 Experience

Experiential Supply Co. created an amazing set up for the set and made sure there are plenty of things for guests to do when they visit Derry. The carnival included a Pennywise-adorned ferris wheel, Pennywise-themed carnival games like an IT2 ring-toss and ball toss, two Snake Oil Cocktail Company bars, and the main attraction- the Derry Funhouse.

The Ringmasters invited guests to take a trip into the Funhouse to get the true IT2 Experience – don’t worry, no spoilers here. Guests dodged swinging clowns, navigated their way through a mirror maze, and got to take a tour through some of the scenes from the IT2 Movie. Should guests make it through the funhouse – there is killer IT2 merchandise available for purchase. 

Ringmaster | IT2 Experience

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