The Gathering 2019 | Snake Oil goes to the Comic-Con Museum!

snake oil at comic-con, batman cocktail graffiti cocktails | Snake Oil Cocktail Co.

The Gathering at Comic-Con Museum 2019

This past Wednesday, July 17th, Snake Oil Cocktail got to celebrate Batman’s 80th anniversary and kick off Comic-Con at the International Comic-Con Museum in Balboa Park. Guests were invited to The Gathering to enjoy a night including Batman-themed food and drinks from event catering power duo Toast Catering and Snake Oil Cocktail Company.

We love to collaborate with our clients and fellow vendors to create creative cocktails that are tailored specifically for our client’s event and catered cuisine. So when Snake Oil was asked to take on the challenge of shaking up some Batman-themed cocktails for “The Gathering” fundraising event hosted by the International Comic-Con Museum – we were all game! As guests enjoyed the event they had the opportunity to visit three Batman-themed bars and try Snake Oil’s craft cocktails.

snake oil at comic-con, batman cocktail graffiti cocktails | Snake Oil Cocktail Co.

Batman-Themed Cocktails

The Superhero featured Snake Oil’s famous Cocktail Graffiti fit for an all-out celebration of the International Comic-Con Museum’s Inaugural Inductee of their Hall of Fame. This bourbon-based, pineapple cocktail is packed with flavors and definitely won the crown over.

snake oil at comic-con | Snake Oil Cocktail Co.

There can’t be a Superhero OR a Sidekick without of course…The Villain. This Villain can’t go unnoticed for long – the fresh dragon fruit featured in this cocktail makes for an ultrabright treat. This Villain’s Crime? Being the life of the party.

snake oil at comic-con | Snake Oil Cocktail Co.

The Sidekick was a vodka based cocktail. The unique flavors featuring notes of Herbes de Provence and butterfly pea flower made for a beautiful sip that guarantee that this sidekick couldn’t be overshadowed.

snake oil at comic-con | Snake Oil Cocktail Co.
Snake oil sees batman at Comic-con | Snake Oil Cocktail Co.

The Batman Experience

After guests strolled off the red carpet and into the museum, they were fully immersed in The Batman Experience. Everyone was welcome to enjoy some cocktails and horderves as they perused the 3 full floors of Batman experiences, props, and displays. Famous memorabilia spread throughout the museum included the Batmobile, Todd McFarlane’s 6-Feet tall Batman Statue, along with original costumes, comics and art.

One of the main attractions of the event was the “Dark Knight Dive” where guests got to suit up and personally experience Batman’s commute through Gotham city through a special virtual reality skydive. In the Batcave, guests had access to a wide variety of Batman Video Games. Everyone was also encouraged to fight it out at the Rogue Gallery Rumble, that took participants back to the Classic Batman Television series. 

Got a Big Celebration Coming Up?

No fear, Snake Oil is here! Get in contact with our sales team for more information!

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