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When it comes to your beverage…make it BOLD

We all can get stuck in a rut sometimes…and when it comes to your bar order, I’m sure all of us definitely have our own “default drink” especially when bar choices become too overwhelming. On your next night out be daring, be bold and try something new! Here are a few ways to easily take you bar order from blasè to hooray!

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1. Dress up Your Drink

Add some pizzazz to your usual “vodka cran” and dress it up with a slice of citrus! Citrus can add some more complexity and depth to you drink of choice. If you are feeling extra adventurous, take a walk on the wild side and try a garnish more on the green side. Herbs and spices can also be a welcomed ingredient in any cocktail. Try basil, thyme, sage, or mint to freshen up your cocktail. If available, seasonal fruits are a nice way to freshen up your drink as well! Try berries, cucumbers, or tropical fruits like pineapple.

limes | snake oil cocktail co.
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2. Choose your Own Adventure!

For those who are brave enough to blaze your own trail, choose your own adventure! Better yet… customize your own cocktail! Cocktails are made up of essential components: alcohol, juices/sodas, syrups, sugar+spice. Choose your favorite out from each category to build your own cocktail! At Snake Oil Cocktail Company, we love to create new unique cocktails; talk to us about how we can bring the adventure (and the bar cart) to your next cocktail hour.


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3. Swap Out your Soda

Sometimes all you need to switch up your order is a splash of something special! Use a different soda than usual to put a twist on your usual order for your sipping pleasure. Don’t know where to start with your soda exploration? Try some of our favorites next time you have the “swap-ortunity”:

Ginger Ale

Sprite, Squirt, or 7-Up

Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper


Home-made sodas


Kefir Soda

Cold Brew

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4. Bitters = the Bomb

Much like a garnish, bitters can add more depth to a drink and works to enhance the top notes of cocktails. These little flavor extracts pack a punch! Here are some bitters and liquor pairing recommendations to consider before ordering up.

Lemon Bitters → Rum & Whiskey

Orange Bitters → Old-Fashions & Bourbon

Grapefruit Bitters → Gin & Light Rum

Celery Bitters → Bloody Mary’s & Gin

Lavender Bitters → Rum, Whiskey & Gin

5. It’s Better with Bubbles

Instead of resorting to sodas for your bubbles, turn to Prosecco to switch things up! At Snake Oil Cocktail Company we bring the bubbles with one of our favorite classic cocktails, the Provencal 75, featuring sparking wine. It makes for a drink that packs a pretty punch.

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craft cocktail by snake oil | snake oil cocktail co.

6. Spice it Up

Spice is known for complimenting fruity flavors perfectly, giving sweets an extra “umph!” Instead of your usual salt-rimmed marg or cocktail, try asking for a chili-lime rim instead. This will be a sure way to spice up your order.

craft cocktail by snake oil | snake oil cocktail co.

Any of these tips will surely make for a more exciting cocktail to enjoy whether you are sippin’ with friends, family, colleagues or solo. These are just a few ways to ditch your default drink, but here at Snake Oil Cocktail Company we know how to elevate even the most classic cocktails and have become masters at our craft. To learn more about how Snake Oil Cocktail Company can craft you a truly special sip fit for any occasion, visit our website or call us today.   

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