How to Create the Perfect Minimalist Wedding

Simplicity is indeed the height of elegance. Nowhere else does this ring true than in minimalist weddings. 

While the big day has traditionally been an excuse to splurge and be extravagant, minimalism has found favor among many couples looking to tie the knot with a simplicity that doesn’t sacrifice style. 

With its emphasis on simple forms, clean lines, and neutral palettes, today’s minimalist weddings deliver a remarkably distinct aesthetic that marries the romance of tradition with contemporary trends. Here are some ideas to create the perfect minimalist wedding that proves less is indeed more.

Clean, Curious Invitations

Organizing the perfect minimalist wedding starts with the invitation. Your stationery should reflect the aesthetic of your big day. Minimalist wedding invitations are uncluttered and emphasize the use of negative space, clean lines, geometric patterns, and simple text. Spell out dates and other wedding details using minimalist typography like Geo Sans Light, Raleway or Clemente.

Elicit curiosity by contrasting calligraphy with heavy typography, or simply offsetting your text for an intriguing visual look. You can also outline your cards in gold, or add little sketches and flourishes of watercolor for embellishment. And for a truly minimalist theme, enclose your invitations in a simple monogrammed envelope, or simply tie them in pastel or neutral-colored ribbons.

Subtle Décor for the Senses

Planning a gorgeous wedding requires a great eye-for-detail, especially when opting for a minimalist theme. The idea is to go for designs which truly embody what is essential to the occasion, without coming across as plain or basic. 

Often interpreted through an all-white theme, minimalist weddings also have room where texture and graphic design takes precedence over color. You can seat guests on bare wooden ceremony chairs for a rustic touch. The grainy surface of the chairs will contrast perfectly against stunning white linens.

You can also scatter dried leaves along the aisle instead of exotic flowers, and add single stems of palm fronds on crystal vases for a truly understated effect.

BBJ Linen recommends using textured table runners or linens with a plethora of sequins to create nuance and add drama at your wedding reception. Personalized translucent plates over porcelain white chargers, paired with gold or copper accented cutlery bring sophistication to the minimal table setup. 

Unique Decorative Items and Arrangements

Aside from playing with texture, the use of unique decorative items also helps you do more with less. Black candles on gold candle holders add hints of boldness in a pristine white affair. 

Succulents encased in copper or gold geometric terrariums make for an eye-catching centerpiece that can spark conversations among guests. Acrylic vases for larger floral arrangements keep the design clean while adding a contemporary touch to your wedding and reception venues.

Minimalist weddings strip the non-essential, so you’re always left with design and décor ideas that have been well-thought of. You can express this thoughtfulness by opting for wire baskets as a wedding card box, or using heirloom touches as décor. 

According to BBJ Linen’s article about vintage wedding themes, vintage wedding items like old leather books, faded family pictures, or even monogrammed crystal add a sense of history to the occasion.

Custom Cheers and Toasts

Often neglected when creating minimalist weddings are the beverages. 

Tradition dictates holding a toast with a glass of champagne or wine. But modern sensibilities are seeping through today’s weddings, and the minimalist-themed affair is perhaps the most welcoming of the changes. 

Having a minimalist mobile bar at the wedding reception, or even the after party, is a trend that recognizes the role drinks play in enhancing the mood of an occasion. For a truly minimalist aesthetic, serve signature drinks and custom cocktails in mason jars, copper mugs, or champagne flutes.

Snake Oil Cocktail suggests using its classic Celebrated cocktail – an unassuming glass of Bourbon for the groom’s nerves before the wedding. Served with pressed lemon and garnished with a cinnamon bark, it’s a simple yet modern take on pre-ceremony drinks. 

Like minimalism’s emphasis on clean lines, Night Light and Al Fresco are also visually interesting concoctions that are as Instagrammable as your wedding décor. For a more personalized approach, try out custom designed cocktails with your monogram, wedding hashtag, or favorite minimalist artwork. 

Keeping things simple at your wedding shouldn’t mean it’s dull. The perfect minimalist wedding celebrates simplicity with inspired touches of elegance and excitement, from the invitation to the aisle, and from the wedding dance to the after party. 

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