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Blogger Bazaar!

June 24th, 2018

Snake Oil had the pleasure of being one of the vendors at the Lemon Life Social Bloggers Bazaar at the SandBox Venue located in downtown San Diego.  It was an event created by Kimmy Ng and Ruby Keyvani, two local San Diego bloggers who wanted to create an environment where bloggers could interact and meet one another in a fun, beautiful, and hands-on environment. Through this event there were many instagram worthy opportunities for pictures, chances to network, and meeting other bloggers who inspire you. 

Our Snake Oil Cocktail bar, we decided to showcase our Cocktail Graffiti. We had over 15 different custom designs that featured a logo or funny saying on our craft cocktails. The feedback and reactions we received were priceless as everyone was very impressed with our picturesque and tasty drinks. We wanted each drink to capture each guest to be unique and something they had never seen before.

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Accompanied by founders Kimmy and Ruby, were speakers Jessica Lo @jessthrowiton blogger and social media coach, Ashley Guyatt @ashbegash who has her own podcast and Youtube channel, and Sam Wang @samhwangg a fashion blogger who does marketing for Nordstrom. All of these five ladies have different specialties and had insightful advice and many tips. 


This event has about 280 excited attendees in total, which created a line down the block. All attendees got to experience a very trendy and ascetically pleasing environment while also being able to network and interact with follow bloggers. Every guest had their phone in hand the entire time capturing all the beautiful moments that the event had to offer.


What made this event so fun was the 22 amazing and beautiful specialty vendors, all of which are local Southern California businesses. From specialty cocktails, to clothing, to sweet treats, every vendor was very unique. Each vendor had a special and creative twist on what they were offering.

Meet Kimmy!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Kimmy Nguyen (pictured left in center), who is the Co-Founder of the Lemon Life Social page. She is a lifestyle blogger who has been blogging for about a year and a half. She was inspired to start blogging from a friend as a hobby and way to start meeting people when she moved to San Diego. She has learned so much along this journey and says blogging has helped her grow as a person. On her blog you can find everything from recipes, fashion, and travel. She is very excited to see what is in store for her journey and the growth of the Lemon Life Social brand. 

Kimmy’s Top Picks


Pacific Organic Pops: popsicles made of organic ingredients as a healthy alternative for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Coast Catering: a full service catering company who serves all around Southern California.

Artisan Organic Cotton Candy: hand crafted and spun cotton candy that is 100% vegan, gluten-free, non-gmo, and dye free.

BloomandAdore: custom designs that will add a personalized touch to any event.

SandBox Venue: a fully customizable event space that can be transformed for any event.


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