A Spanish Rhapsody

Snake Oil Cocktail has had the privilege of managing the concessions at the San Diego Symphony for a couple years now.  We love the beautiful concert hall and the opportunity to be a part of so [...]

828 Private Showcase

This Thursday, May 7, Snake Oil is elated to be featured at 828 Event’s Private Venue Showcase.  They will be displaying 828’s preferred vendors- Snake Oil being one of them!   828 is [...]

Spring 2015 Interns

Snake Oil Cocktail Company highly values the opportunity for up-and-coming college students to gain experience and learn first hand about business.  Whether they are interested in sales, [...]

Join the Family

This Friday (April 24) Snake Oil Cocktail is thrilled for the San Diego Symphony’s rendition of The Godfather.  The Godfather remains one of the greatest films in the history of cinema. [...]

Intercontinental Mixology

So, what does a speak-easy look like in Colombia, a country that didn’t participate in our domestic prohibition of the 1920s?  I’d say it looks like a neon-lit Tron themed bar atop a curiously [...]

Garden To Glass

Culinary Mixology offers a wide world of experiences.  I have always enjoyed the idea of farm to table food and it seems that taking this to the bar is the next level.  Working with [...]

Supplements and Cocktails

“Feel good about feelin’ good” Recently, we catered an event for Applied Food Sciences out of Austin, TX,  and created cocktails based on their unique supplements.  It was challenging and fun.  [...]

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